Help the blind recognize it!

Descriptopedia is your one stop resource for textual description of all objects around you in a way that makes you imagine the exact picture of an object before seeing it, in a way that makes you realize the exact physical description of a certain object while closing your eyes, in a way that expands your descriptive abilities, in a way that helps the blind people see the untouchable seen objects around them.

Have you ever touched a mouth of a lion? have you ever touched a rainbow? or even, have you ever thought to close your eyes and describe, in words, how the outer view of Eiffel tower looks like? Descriptopedia meets all your descriptive expectations.

Despite the challenge of providing descriptive texts for untouchable objects, Descriptopedia is also meant to describe maps, flags, public places, images, icons, themes and template styles.

Descriptopedia is built voluntarily to help the blind understand the physical view of things they can’t see; however, other various people may make use of our descriptions for pedagogical purposes and/or scientific research. Feel free to visit the different pages of Descriptopedia to get an idea on how to get involved.

We believe the descriptive approach is brand new over the internet, so we provide textual descriptions for all possible objects around us objectively (as it is, not as it should be), and we are pleased you promote this knowledgebase with all your valued informative descriptions and comments that increases the human knowledge considerably, and/or provide valuable answers for our blind ambitious guys who are keen to perceive the reality of the world around them.